Tis Not a Good Bye..!


I looked out of the window to witness the fluffy white snow taking over the entire city. Everything was clad in white. Finally December was here. As I watched the cars pass the wet street my mind took a dive down the memory lane of 2012. Yes it was December; the very end of 2012 was here. It was only yesterday I was welcoming 2012 by starting my first day in my dream engineering university. Hyping up with New Year confessions and resolutions I had stepped in my career as an engineer with excitement about new friends and new social circle. I made new friends, met some real good teachers, mentors, friends who stood by me, friends who left me in the mid, sarcasms which pushed me forward , taunts which often brought salty tears to eyes only to be rubbed off by super strength with promises of never seeing that person’s face again. Laughter and joy accompanied the journey, while tears and sorrows came as hurdles, accidents became magnets for me and some how in the mid I was able to survive and push through to the unseen ragged condition now, only to be called as a very fierce survivor.
With super cool friends to accompany me throughout the roller coaster ride of the year, there were moments when I felt alone, dejected, when literally I found it impossible to survive, the pain, the loss, the heart that bled again and again. The mind that got numb in making decisions, the feelings that got hurt again and again, the patience that inbuilt in me throughout a fight, the strength to save relations and to let go of the person who once meant a lot to me. With every day learning about something new , something evil, something good, to find that I can never explore the full faces of life, to find that there are some people who acknowledged my life while some don’t. A whole lot insults, barbarous comments, cat fights, compliments, sarcasms from friends; somehow I feel that tonight as I ink my thoughts , I am not the same person I used to be. Maybe now more serious, or more strong or even at times situations made me heartless. Yes I changed… for good or bad? I cannot say…
An year has almost passed and the brain is still stuck somewhere in the good memories of 2012. The labyrinth seem unwilling to let me leave it and enter a new phase. With both good and bad experiences, bad more, am I ready to face the New Year yet? Am I strong enough to tackle yet a new and mysterious world? Tis not a good bye, there is always another way out- a new world , a new year, a fresh start. Let bygones be bygones, time is here to cure all hatred, to buck up all remaining fuel and charge up the spark to be ignited on the New Year eve. To take along old friends and make new ones, to leave behind those who never wished good for you; Yes you are given another year to live, another chance to make things better, chance to move on, chance to fulfill your dreams. You never know whats there out tomorrow except the belief that what ever is out there you can face it, fight it, make it submit to your wishes, your commands. Time to finally gear up and remove evil, to nurse your good side, to forgive and to forget, to strengthen up to seek forgiveness.
It is never a good bye… there is always a chance to make it up for… Before the night ends or even before the clock strikes 12 am of 1st January 2013, make sure you have made this year worth, to leave behind all bad and carry along all the good moments. Think and reflect..Happy new fresh life in advance.Cheers!!! let the count down begin…

~~ Wajiha Shahid



Smart Phones, Stupid people..!

” the brain or the robot?”

It was reacting to my touch, slim, funky yet classic, my new galaxy phone was right in my hands and I was unable to keep the butterflies calm in my stomach. I stared at it with goo-goo eyes, handled it like it was made of glass about to break and carried it putting it on my pillow with love. Oh yes! This was my dream gift to hold; the very craze of people nowadays, the tallest in smart phone series nowadays, my dream, my love and about to be my companion forever, my Samsung Galaxy SII and I had become the owner of the coolest smart phone yet… the happy bubble popped over my head as i realized by calling my cellphone smart was I indirectly calling myself stupid? oh noo….

The days range back to the time when it had shot up in the market setting the shelves on fire, where there was nothing in the mobile world except for the term “smart phones” and people were going berserk in trying to get a good trendy classic phone for themselves.

‘look at the sleekness, the touch, the image quality…’ , ‘ oh I cleared all the levels of angry birds space and need to install the next game of angry birds from play store’; things like that were circulating and revolving around me engulfing me with the advantages of having a smart phone yet unknown to me. A high speed wifi connectivity with a good image capture and cool applications just a touch away, a gadget that is serving a multipurpose of being a good ipod,phone,camera and a connection to the internet world-the smartness man has not yet been able to envoke in himself he envoked in a small box he names as cell phone.

To date, I find hundreds of users installing and flooding their cellphones with hundreds of applications which are and very often not of any use, just to see the limit of smartness their cellphone has to offer, going beyond limits and getting crazily dependent and addicted to them that they forget their own lifestyle and restrict themselves to their small world they carry on their palms.

Yes sadly it’s a world of smart phones and dumb people, people extravagantly dependent on cellphones applications usually end up making a total mess of their personalities seeing the current trend, my own cousin , a good business man is now arranging and remembering his meetings through scheduler in his HTC desire, seeing the fact that he himself don’t remember who he has an appointment with, his cellphone manages his business for him; resultant the very bitter truth of him been called dumber then his robot cellphone which works on the inbuilt functions provided by a human himself.

Just a thought, dear readers, have you ever wondered how much deeper you are in your cellular world and how far you seem to get away from your own self? Are you smarter than your smart phone? Do you use applications which comprehend every little thing you could have done with your brain if it was not for the phone? Do you spend time trying to check out new applications in the sea of applications in android market rather trying to work out the solution by being less involved with your phone? If in all these questions you sadly remorselessly say no, then I must say that in the present days, the smarter cellphones have gotten the dumber people have turned , because seemingly they trust an inbuilt robot better than their own natural mastermind ‘ the daddy brain’. I pondered over this, now you take a moment to think….


~ Wajiha Shahid


Re-defining Colors…!

“life has so much to offer and the best is in the form of colors…”

Life seems changed when the weather inside you changes… it is the same body, the same soul, the same colors around you, but all of a sudden the lighter shades turn to shocking neon and black utter words like beautiful and arrogant instead of being cold and the color of misery. Re defining my very own definition of colors, I stand here balanced on the stage of where the world ends to meet heaven, where feelings are extremely optimistic and patience welcomed happily, where noise don’t create headache rather feel like music to which your feet move in rhythm. Have I really been blind before ? or was  I there blindfolded? Or do “instant blackening powder” of fred and george’s from Harry Potter does exist in reality that was poofed around me in ample amount so as to make me blinded from the beauty of colors I am witnessing now.

So writers have been right ( excuse my saying bad to you Mr. John keats, when I literally slept in your vivid imagination through poetry ) the word love does imply a considerable amount of explanation, a much more heavier dose than falling beauties over fat beasts or yiruma’s love music of kiss the rain. Yes I do understand the depth of it now, all of it, yes I do grasp why people are said to be either made or destroyed in love.

For seeking my personal experience, I have never seen the sky as azure , the grass as lavishing green, the mountains as standing firmly arrogant uttering words “ who is the boss?” , the rainbow highlighted , the rain drops majestically heavenly and the one voice-the velvet music pouring honey in ears. Can it be true? Can a person really change you from top to bottom? If it would have been looks I would have looked like some sort of princess who is crazily euphoric over her luck but as being a normal girl yet feeling out of this world, I must say, luck has really been extending her generous hands to me all of a sudden

Yea yea I might sound like some crazy loony toon, might even be drunk, but honestly have you ever noticed that there is always this one person in your life, the instant-smile-raiser, the life of your party, without which you often don’t  even think of living, the person whom you cant see with anyone else and the moment you do see is the moment you find yourself being ninja or some really bad villain from the movies and hurling yourself at the enemy and find yourself ripping his or her throat away. Jealousy- the amount of over possessiveness, the feeling that no one understand better than your own self..carefully jealousy is one disease that comes in contagious forms and might turn your colorful TV to a black and white stone aged one…

In a nut shell Colors come from love, love comes from relationship, relationship come from meeting your perfect half and meeting comes from analyzing your own self. The better you know what you need is the better you will succeed in finding the correct mate like I did. Find your colors in the perfect relationship. Build in your own colorful neon world. As for me, I m more like that inflated balloon which is tied to the ground by a severed string and the heaven seems to pull me up and in some time I really would be able to do so, with the person I love, waiting out just for me, my very own, ever lasting mine, to my prince will I be the perfect princess.

I am not writing something new, maybe I have not even been able to convey what I really wanted, conveying the insight of the relationship between colors and relations I have found that probably the meaning my life can get, living for him, to make him proud, to make him a happy father and a contented husband.. The aim is now clear, the target set, time to fire at the right moment… get set go….

~ Wajiha Shahid

For the Better or For the Worse??

Logging on to my very dear friend Facebook after quite some time, I was welcomed by a sudden flood of friend requests, Farmville requests, invited to senseless events, tagged in crazy, cranky pictures and several others akin in stupidity of the likes above. The realization that pushed me further in my already present mode of agony and despair was my failure to find a single notification inquiring me whether I was alive and breathing or was dead in a dark, muddy ditch.

There were more than two hundred active friends on Facebook, about a dozen friend requests still pending and about half a dozen hidden for future consideration. But what kind of friends were they? Who won’t utter a single syllable about your health or about your absence… so what were they there for? To increase the number of ‘likes’? To add another penny in Facebook’s piggy bank with their every click? Or were they really your friends in the first place?

It’s not only about Facebook, but about every single social networking webs out there fishing out consumers in their webs. They cleverly provide you with the incentive of staying connected with the globe but does that actually imply in this real planet? Just think of the last time you properly and honestly practiced this right… did you actually messaged an old buddy about how he was doing? Or ever walled your cousin living in a remote continent? Blank? You ought to be… because that’s what we have actually been doing. Wasting precious time in aiding others plucking money leaves while paying heavily in return for no reason!

By now it’s not hard to admit that our social circle is confined to this PC. Yes, to this robust or slinky box, whatever the case maybe. Imagine a case where you are trapped in a horrible problem. Whom would you prefer for help? I bet only a couple or two from your internet friends would make it to your priority list. Neither more nor less. Hence, without any further roundabouts it’s secure to declare that instead of enhancing our social circle, these sites prudently offer a subtle way to waste your time and energy. Moreover, they very secretly expose you to the monstrous world so that you jump from being a nobody to an existent human. Unveiling you to the web threat by extracting your personal info you so proudly entered by way of beautifying your profile. Making your own pictures and albums to be used as a weapon of threat and abuse on yourself! And that’s not the end of story. It’s the ethics and the social norms that suffer badly in all this chaos. You fail to really keep-up with your family, friends and relatives merely because you are glued to these webs for the greater part of your day. Traditional and cultural values are pushed back. Family fun and hang-outs are minimized. And it all bubbles down to the above mentioned cause.

So the next time you intend to facebbook, ask yourself a very simple question: “is staying connected an honest suggestion on a bigger picture, or is it harassment behind the mask?”… Quite a food for thought.

~ Wajiha Shahid


Falling Deep…!

“sometimes right in the middle of an ordinary life , Love gives us a fairytale…”

Love- a word few understand but majority uses; irrespective of the deepness of meaning implied, many just insult the word by tagging it to the feelings that become weak with time. Being in Love might just be the greatest feeling of the world. People say it hurts; they are wrong. With love comes intensity, with intensity accompanies care, with care responsibility tags along and with responsibility sacrifice is born. Being in Love never meant to be exactly the same person the other person wants, its to adjust with your weaknesses around him. To let him know that you can cope up to his expectations, you want to make him happy, proud, not by changing but by adjusting comfortably around his needs.

Seeing the World through the eyes of a lover myself, I see it beautiful, colorful, I feel butterflies in stomach, a new hope each day, a new fantasy , I hear birds singing melodies around , I see my own personal sun in him, I see myself reflected as a moon in his eyes,  I treat pain as a lost person, I live to see every day Happily alongside the person I deeply love and care for. I find myself complete in the feeling of love, probably the deepest, the intensest of all times.

Love-not a word for opposite sex; but for all affection that is true. love can be for your family, for friends , for humanity , for animals, for Your religion with the only rule of being true and sincere.If you love, love the person with your strength, love the time spent together, love the moments of your closeness , love the spirit of being happy around him, love the urge to make it happen-to make him happy, to do something, to sacrifice, to fight , to win and to lose but to love every little part of life.

And To you I directly address, to you I say , I confess my love in my own way…Tomorrow might never come until its too late.Today, this moment I make it perfect by spilling out the fountain of love stored in hopes of spreading fruits and flowers of happiness around me and you. I dedicate this to all the people I deeply love, to the person who will own me , to the people who love me now.

There are so many things I’d like to say.
But that would take me all day.
Now I wonder where to start.
Guess I’ll say whats in my heart.
There is one thing I know that’s true.
I’m so blessed to have a friend like you.

Thanks for always being there.
And showing me how much you care.
As my new life starts to unfold,
And I am learning how to take hold.
There are times I don’t know what to do,
But I know I can always turn to you.

Our relationship is one of a kind,
One most people never find.
I never knew from the start,
Just how much you would touch my heart.
I’m so glad you came into my life,
You have filled it with so much delight.

The connection we have, was not planned.
But it is there every time you hold my hand.
I love the way you turn on your charm,.

So while we wait to see if this is right.
I’ll enjoy the way you hold me alright.
If the time ever come for us to part,
You’ll always be right here in my heart.
You’ll always be my special one,
Forever and always until the end

~ Wajiha Shahid


Be your own Boss…!


“Be a boss and explore your talents in your own virtual world…”


Seeing the current trend as employment facilities are eroding fast and the wheels of economy are coming down with a deadly crunch, more and more people are joining the jobless brigade. They terribly miss their offices, their heaps of paper work, their colleagues and their office computers. Without all this, they cannot imagine being gainfully employed. To most, this means the end of the world. A few undaunted and creative ones take this as an unprecedented opportunity to turn a dream into reality and becoming self employed. Which group do you belong to?

Technology today—the cell phone, internet and cloud computing—has made a home-based business as workable and profitable as any regular business but without most running expenses such as office rent, big utility bills and operating cost. We see the bright side of the picture as the number of start-up firms grows steadily and virtual offices open up everywhere. The business is becoming web-based as Skype lets you talk to your business contacts, and employees as well as customers based anywhere in the world.

Many web design companies based in the western hemisphere depend on less expensive workforce in countries like India and Pakistan. Work has become more flexible and less exerting. The disadvantages may be: the staff working in isolation and connectivity tools may create their own problems; but they can be taken care of without much ado. Any business, from local and foreign trade to consultation and executive offices can work in this manner.

You don’t have to leave your house to start a business. You don’t have to have a degree to start it. You can just utilize your talent, call a render to your place, have him install the required hardware and software and you are all set to go and make a creative virtual world for your very own. Be it web designing or creating movies or animations or any hands on programming or writing, every thing is taken well cared of at your very own computer that has a good internet connection. You can be a good tutor online or a gardening consultant, you can create your name in the field of computers if you are a computer genie or even try your luck working as a bridge between a buyer and a seller, making money in the process. So you are the king of your own office now, you own your work, you get paid, you hire people to work for you.

Launching a virtual business is simple and easy. It may look too easy to start a virtual business but it is not as easy to become a millionaire overnight as you might think. Remember: building a business from scratch may be a slow and tedious process. You have to learn the ropes through acquiring authentic information and considerable trial and error. It costs almost nothing but patience and belief to launch a virtual business.

Like any other business, you need to make the right decisions at the right moment and work hard to succeed. And it may take years. A single mistake might land you in losing everything. Think creative and work hard in the beginning to multiply your chances of success.


~ Wajiha Shahid

A Difference…!

” not every smiling face is your Friend”

A girl sat on the footpath cradling the body of her dead best friend, sobbing uncontrollably and whispering words like ‘you promised’, ‘how could you?’ etc. People looked at her from a distance with mock pity and as I moved towards the crowd I could catch words like ‘poor kid’, ’lost her mind’, ‘mentally sick’. I shake my head sadly as I proceeded towards the kneeling girl and hugged her as she hugged her dead pet cat.

In this World where we live, People often have very different definition of friendship which compliments only 1% of the actual definition. They say friendship is with the people of same mind, same frequency, between people of same age group. They party together, laugh together, eat together and are so-called best friends. What they forget is that friendship is itself a bond that creates mutuality between two different people ending them as perfect best friends. It can be in the shape of perfect combination of love and faithfulness between a human and an animal, a crazy pen pal relationship between two persons living in different areas of the world, a smooth understanding between two people of different ages, different cultures, and different careers.  And what if two or more people join together in a group that sails on the boat of strong friendship. Amongst all the gifts that God has given us, He has given us someone whom we can count on in our darkest hour, someone who will never take us stupid, and someone who is ready to put band aid on the wound he himself has given unintentionally.

Friends, the residents of my own small world. Where happiness is created, shared, then created some more and passed on to the outside world. True friends, the Gift of God, though less or may be one yet a complete package of what we want in our companion. Someone who would never desert us, some one who would listen when we don’t speak, some one to hug to shout on in anger, someone to laugh crazily with for hours, to stop and then start back again, someone who breaks up with us in every fight yet returns  few hours later begging for forgiveness. You have someone in your life like this, never let go, cherish your moments with them for they might be few as the life is short.  I, speaking on my behalf have felt how it is to have true friends near, to keep them closer, to share love with them . I have experienced pain of losing friends, some one whom I thought to be true, someone who never belonged here in my part of the world. I have experienced the feeling of friendship turning to one beautiful feeling of love, the perfect understanding- shielding the new feeling, hereby confirming the fact that the best lovers are your closest friends, your soul mates.

I, almost feel what the girl might be feeling to lost her best companion, someone she spent her deepest secrets with, someone who was faithful, who was understanding to her. So what if their minds are not the same. I don’t share a mutual mind with the person I love, often don’t agree with my best friend on facts, yet I proudly say I am luckiest to have the flavor of true friendship and love in my life.

Here I address directly to you. Pains don’t feel painful if you are standing with me my dear friend. The affection, the understanding we share is ever lasting and strong. When you hold the other hand I can fight the entire world with one hand. The words fail when our story begins…

It’s a silent call towards all people who share almost wrong perspective about friendship, affection and love. Look around you, find your true friends and let go of the fake ones. Build a true and strong ‘friend’ ship that can sail through all kinds of storms for every smiling face is not your friend .Learn the difference. Learn friendship…

~ Wajiha Shahid